Sticking With Tradition

“…creating the musical traditions for band students in the future.”

One of the great lessons we all learned from our experiences as members of ‘The Pride of Pearland’ was what tradition means to a community and to the school experience. This scholarship will hopefully play its own small part—a spark if you will—to creating the musical traditions for band students in the future. We all never know what the results of our efforts here can be, but if the future teachers we support through our humble efforts share their own love of music in the way it was shared with us, the world will be a richer place for it. Traditions matter…here’s to tradition—old and new.

Pearland Band Alumni—picking up their instruments again to perform at JAM with the BAND ‘21 night October 8, 2021. GO OILERS! (photo courtesy of the Pearland HS Band Facebook group)

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