Forming this Scholarship

— “Their story of meeting at Sam is a delight!”

I would like to send a huge note of thanks to the SHSU Division of University Advancement for their help in creating this scholarship. Also, of course, to the Farisses for putting their seal of approval on our efforts. Their story of meeting at Sam is a delight! Sam Houston State Teacher’s College became “Sam Houston State College” in 1965, and finally became “Sam Houston State University” in 1969. Jack and Pat got to be a part of it in its earlier ‘heyday,’ and saw the key leadership of the music department arrive and prosper. The music program has seen incredible development since their time there. To all of the Pearland Band Alumni and Friends who are helping to fund the award, thank you for being such a tight knit and wonderful group of people, you will always be Jack and Pat’s “kids” according to the Farisses themselves. We will all keep our fingers crossed for the growth of the Jack and Pat Fariss Music Scholarship, and look forward to seeing it help students in their quest to become music educators. ~ Steve D. Matchett (M. Mus. SHSU ‘94 – PHS class of 1975)

Jack and Pat Fariss – Dec. 2019

From the Honorees, 30 Dec 2019:

“You have no idea how much something like this means to us. … Sharing our life and love with you was always such a pleasure. We never felt we were working because we were having so much fun. I don’t know if the students realize exactly how much pleasure and motivation you were to us and the dedication so many had that it simply kept us going. As I listen to the music you produced, I am always in awe of your performances and find it hard to believe that we were the leaders of such wonderful talent and so much hard work. …
With all our love and support,
Jack and Pat”

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