Team Work Gets It Done

A Matching Contributions Challenge regarding the Jack and Pat Fariss Endowed Scholarship for Music Education at Sam Houston State University

To all our fellow friends of Jack and Pat Fariss:
In January, 2020 Pearland Band alumni and friends launched the Jack & Pat Fariss Scholarship at Sam Houston State–the Fariss’ alma mater–in order to honor these two great music educators who brought music and important life lessons into the lives of countless young people in the Pearland community.

The $1,000 annual award to a deserving music education student has been presented for three straight years now by the SHSU Music Scholarship Committee. To date, however, the funding has never reached the original goal of $25,000 which would make it a self-sustaining endowment.  Currently, we have a little over one-third of the funds needed to reach the self-sustaining level of $25,000.

To reinvigorate the project, Jeff & Toni Slepak (friends and colleagues of Jack & Pat in the 1980’s) have put out a Matching Challenge in order to build the fund to the self-sustaining level. Between now and February 15, 2023, they will MATCH up to $5,000 in new donations received by SHSU for the benefit of the Jack & Pat Fariss Music Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Just as they did with the Slepaks, the Farisses had a positive and lasting impact on colleagues and on generations of Pearland music students. We hope that each of you can do your part with a contribution to create a lasting legacy in their honor.

Donations are made directly to SHSU, and are tax deductible. Here’s how to give:

To contribute online go to: — In the “Gift Designation” dropdown menu select “Other.” Just below that, in the “Other” window, type “Jack and Pat Fariss Scholarship Endowment for Music Education.” Fill out the other blanks as required/desired. Click “Submit” at the bottom to finish up at the Payments page.

OR to mail in your donation, use the form found here.

We can make this happen!

Author: sdmcomposer

Lifelong musician, teacher, composer

3 thoughts on “Team Work Gets It Done”

  1. Yes, to Jeff and Toni, we are truly humbled at your offer to help raise funds by matching donations
    to the Sam Houston State scholarship fund in our names. We feel so honored by all the donations
    made and the work involved on our behalf to benefit worthy recipients at our alma mater.
    The Pearland Band program has hired the first recipient to work at Berry Miller Junior High, and
    the third recipient will be student teaching at Pearland Junior High West and Pearland High School.
    Thank you Steve for all your efforts on behalf of the scholarship.

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