Celebrating a Life Serving Young People

“…his energies and excitement for music education have not waned.”

As our scholarship dedicatee approaches his 80th birthday in late May I believe we can all learn from his example. The example that I’m talking about is the one that has come SINCE his retirement from Pearland ISD. After talking to Jack back in January at his home I realized very promptly that his energies and excitement for music education have not waned, as he has continued to judge and clinic bands. We’ve all known older adults who stay young by remaining in the fray and I sensed this was the case for our Mr. Fariss. If I can be half that involved with life entering my 9th decade I will consider myself very fortunate, and it’s something I would want for all my friends as well.

Jack Fariss pictured in the 1973 Gusher, aged 32 his 4th year at PHS


Given the circumstances in all of our lives right now, I know it’s hard to think about donating money. I’ve spoken with our Endowment Fund administrators at SHSU about something I’d like to do, and I hope you all might join me. If we decided to donate a minimum of $10 each, say before May 20, 2020 in anticipation of the 25th, the office would be happy to send a card with our names to Jack for his 80th birthday. The $10 minimum is what they ask for since the processing fees make lesser amounts little cost effective. Anyway, if you choose to donate just put in the “In honor of” space, “For Jack Fariss 80th birthday” and they will add your name to a birthday greeting from us. Use the online donation system or the forms on our ‘contributing’ page. Of Course be sure and designate the donation to the “Jack and Pat Fariss Endowment Fund for Music Education” as directed. A minimum donation will get you on our donors list on this site as well. Remember this is ultimately for the music education students at SHSU!

Everybody hang tight out there, look after each other, and stay in touch.

All the best!

Author: sdmcomposer

Lifelong musician, teacher, composer

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  1. I’d like to have Jack’s faculty picture from the 1970 Gusher, his first year at PHS at the ripe old age of 29! Sam Houston State Teacher’s College produced a good one!

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